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These decorative accessories that can be tied, braided and tied

These decorative accessories that can be tied, braided and tied

Basketwork and macramé in the spotlight: this summer, the art of braiding and knotting bursts into the decor to sublimate objects of delicacy and originality. From vases to curtains without forgetting the light fixtures, the interior accessories can be tied, braided and knotted using ropes, rush, straw or bamboo. Or when the trend is towards craftsmanship.

Zoom on the macramé and basketry technique…

Think again ! Macrame is not limited to making Brazilian bracelets or scoubidous. This knot technique also includes the creation of decorative objects, which are made with rope or string. Basketry also refers to the artisanal production of lamps, statuettes or vases, but this time obtained by the braiding of vegetable fibers, whether wicker, rattan, bamboo, straw, rush or palm.

… In the decor

In the decor, the summer trend of "knotted braided" is gaining ground. Suspensions to carpets, chairs, vases, hammocks or bread baskets: all the rooms in the house are affected. But since the existence of these ancestral techniques, dating back to basketry over 10,000 years ago, this finely worked aspect has now taken a resolutely design turn. Better yet, to the traditional materials that make up these handcrafted creations are added new components such as recycled paper, which is very fashionable. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"