Dare the mustache in your decor!

Dare the mustache in your decor!

The false mustache is trendy. It is displayed on our accessories, our t-shirts and is now invading the world of decoration. Fun and offbeat result guaranteed! Discover our selection of cushions, stickers, corkscrews or other decorative accessories… naked!

Mustachioed drink ...

The principle is simple: mustaches are drawn on the edge of the glass or a mug ... when you drink, you end up being mustachioed! The 48 Pick Your Nose goblets from the Fred brand allow you to change your nose and, incidentally, hairiness (€ 19.90 a lot on Same delirium with the porcelain mug by Peter Ibruegger (18 euros on the online store Les fleurs) or the Urban Outfitters beer glasses (6 euros per glass on On this last site, you will also find a mustache corkscrew (6 euros on

… In a mustache house!

On the online sales site, we found a lot of mustache ideas, including Willow Creek Signs stickers, to stick in your living room, above your sofa, or in a hallway, in the kitchen… finally everywhere (on In your bed too, the mustache is installed with pillowcases (39 euros a lot on The imagination of designers does not stop there! Discover at Domestic the Mister hook made up of a hat, a bow tie and a mustache (50 euros on the site And at Jall and Tofta's mobile in recycled paper with mustaches for children (24 euros, Les Fleurs shop).