TV furniture, a must in the living room

TV furniture, a must in the living room

Since the entry of television into our living rooms, the TV cabinet has not stopped evolving. Initially high and deep, it now adapts to our new televisions and living rooms by becoming quite low and shallow. Back on an essential piece of furniture from the show.

Furniture for TV

From the simplest to the most complex, the TV cabinet is by definition designed to accommodate this element of the living room. It is generally placed against a wall, opposite the sofa to have the best possible visibility on television. Today, the TV cabinet is low and narrow enough to accommodate flat screens and be at eye level. They are found in all materials: wood, glass, plexiglass ... but also in all colors to adapt to different styles.

Multifunctional furniture

The TV stand is no longer content to host television! Indeed, most of the furniture accommodates all the equipment of the living room: the Internet box, the DVD player and the game consoles. For this, the piece of furniture is equipped with a very practical cable passage which makes feeding possible. Other models are transformed into storage space with cupboards and drawers. You will also find furniture that adorns the wall by offering a library around the television.