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Small space layout: for a living room that suits you!

Small space layout: for a living room that suits you!

Small spaces give pride of place to modular and compact furniture for all lifestyles. Discover solutions to combine a nice decor and a small reception area. Cocooning and reception room, the living room is an important room that you want warm and orderly. If you have a small living room, bet on quality space saving furniture! Convertible sofa, bz, sofa bed, ottoman, armchair, modular coffee table, lift table, small table, TV cabinet, detailed review for solutions clever.

"Not enough space in my living room to receive friends!"

The answer Monsieur Meuble : receiving should not upset your daily life. We recommend that you choose sofa beds such as the compact bz benches or the sofa bed with storage box. A clever product, the convertible pouffe is an additional solution for seating and sleeping. In the center, why not a pull-out table that multiplies and is stored like a Russian doll? Also think of the low tables which accommodate built-in poufs under their trays. You lighten the room and still have seats for occasional use. Optimize the space with a corner unit for your TV so that it can be forgotten when you receive! Finally, a side table will refine the decor. We choose it bright to add a touch of indirect light and obtain a warm universe.

"Want a small living room, both functional and classy"

The answer Monsieur Meuble , to overcome the impression of disorder due to mismatched furniture. Standardize! Reduce the number of pieces of furniture and choose them adapted to the space of your living room. We say yes to the convertible sofa with armrests, to combine comfort and sleeping solution according to your available space. A contemporary and liftable coffee table fits classily into a simple and modern interior. Its extendable round or square tray adjusts according to the number of guests. The low tables with rotary tables with simple lines extend and increase the surface of the table according to your needs. Storage side, we put on a TV cabinet with a large volume drawer to store everyday objects. Finally, adding a designer armchair brings the essential touch of fantasy and glamor. Advertorial.