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How to light a barbecue easily?

How to light a barbecue easily?

Tired of spending an hour struggling with the barbecue before hoping to grill a skewer? We understand you, we all did it. All the more reason to put an end to the galleys of ignition! To rediscover the pleasure of barbecue, we have compiled simple and effective tips that set you on fire.

The classic technique for lighting your barbecue

On the barbecue side, classic ignition is the same as for the fireplace: we burn newsprint, then small wood, then charcoal. Why doesn't it work? Because the devil is in the details.

1. First, the newspaper must be rolled into pellets, neither too loose nor too compact, since if the air does not circulate, combustion is impossible. They are placed on a thin layer of charcoal at the bottom of the barbecue.

2. Two, the little wood must be cut into sticks, based on wood branches or crates. Pine cones also offer good results without having to cut them. As for the barbecue lighter cubes, they can replace paper and small wood. In all cases, we stack everything on the pellets of newspaper and set on fire.

3. Of three, the charcoal should only be placed over the small wood after it has caught fire, to avoid suffocation! We wait until it starts to burn, then we pour the charcoal, not before. And by the way, we choose a quality charcoal, it will make all the difference on the ignition speed.

4. And four, it's all about patience… with the classic method barbecue ignition, it may well catch fire at the first try, it will still have to wait a good half hour at the very least to be able to start toasting the chipolatas. Just the time of the aperitif, in short.

Light a barbecue easily with the teepee technique

We take the same and start again: the teepee technique is a barbecue ignition technique very simple which boosts the chances of rapid success. The principle ? Proceed as for the classic method, but with the shape of a teepee. Because you never know, for the record, the tipi is shaped like a cone or triangle, pointed upwards.

1. Again, we start with a thin layer of charcoal.

2. We then place in the center of the barbecue a small pile of pellets of newspaper.

3. We place around the small wooden sticks erect upwards, the ideal being the crate in pieces: the sticks must form a teepee, wrapping the paper at the base and joining at the top.

4. We finish with charcoal, around, against and on the teepee without suffocating it: remember, the air must circulate ... and it is better to be able to slide a gas lighter between the sticks to set the paper on fire.

The technique of the chimney to light the barbecue quickly

The smartest (or most expensive) barbecues include a ignition chimney, a metal cylinder to place in the center of the barbecue which accelerates and simplifies the catching of fire on the coal: we ignite a barbecue lighter, we place the chimney filled with coal over it and the barbecue catches fire in 15 minutes. The accessory can be purchased separately to save time. Failing a professional chimney? You can reproduce an almost as simple process with a bottle!

1. We put a bottle in the center of the barbecue. And it doesn't matter which one, since we will remove it before setting it on fire…

2. The bottle is surrounded by several layers of successive newspaper until it forms a cylinder of paper.

3. We pour the charcoal all around the cylinder to secure the paper. The bottle is then gently removed.

4. We ignite the bottom of the paper with a gas lighter, or a barbecue lighter placed at the bottom of the fireplace. Going up, the fire will ignite the coal over the entire height, it will only have to bring the pieces back to the center to spread the fire.