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5 mistakes you make when making your bed

5 mistakes you make when making your bed

Mistake # 1: forgetting to air out

In principle, the reflex should be automatic: we make the bed, we ventilate the bedroom. A simple and express gesture that not only eliminates the smell of fawn that remains between the sheets upon waking, but also and above all, eradicates microorganisms, allergens and critters various which proliferate in a still warm bed. The right method? We open the window, shake the sheets vigorously and leave the unmade bed, well open, while we go to take a shower or brush our teeth. Then, only, we close the window and make the bed.

Mistake # 2: putting the sheets upside down

For lovers of classic sheets, pay attention to the meaning, since the most obvious solution is not the right one. For make a bed properly, the sheet should be placed upside down, that is, face down. The prettiest side is glued to the mattress, the dullest side facing the ceiling, and for good reason: once the duvet or blanket is placed over the sheet, we will fold it over like a reverse… and the visible part of the flap will therefore be the prettiest. The rest of the sheet, the "reverse" part will be hidden under the duvet.

Mistake # 3: incorrectly centering the bed linen

When a teenager has the good idea of make his own bed, no sane parent would dare blame him for the asymmetry of the result. When you make your own bed and dream of a result worthy of the pages of decorative magazines, however, symmetry does everything: no question of seeing more than 50 cm of duvet on one side and only 5 cm the other. We therefore start by placing the sheet or duvet on the bed, checking the length falling on each side, then pulling towards the foot of the bed to tuck the base under the mattress. You can then retract the sides in the same way or let them fall, as desired.

Mistake # 4: Missing your stack of cushions

The most decorative cocooning trend of the moment, stacking cushions on the bed is as chic as it is comfortable. This is why it is found in most design hotels! You might as well not miss it when you make the bed, otherwise you will get a cushion shack look rather than a 5-star palace. Rule ? The cushions on which you sleep go to the bottom, leaning against the headboard. In front, two other decorative pieces are placed, a little smaller or inclined to reveal those at the bottom. And in the front row, one or two small elongated or different size cushions.

Mistake # 5: zapping the bedspread

It keeps warm in winter, hides the sheets or comforters without interest and enhances the beautiful bed linen. A quilt, quilt or quilt finish the decor of the room perfectly, are easy to change to adapt to the season or to color trends and fold easily when evening comes… Better, they can be put down to completely cover the duvet or fold them, or even throw them away at the end of the bed for a more casual style. The only thing to watch out for when making the bed? To avoid the rug effect on the duvet, choose a bedspread large enough to cover the width of the bed and fall back on the sides until the thickness of the mattress is minimized.