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Installing a sliding window door

Installing a sliding window door

There are different types, but sliding patio doors generally follow the same installation method. Here are some tips to help you install yours.

The hardware needed to install a sliding patio door

Make sure you gather the necessary materials before you start installing your sliding patio door. You will need a measuring tape, a spirit level, a pencil, a hacksaw, a drill, a screwdriver, screws, dowels and a wire. lead.

Installation of the top rail of the sliding patio door

Draw a line of reference in pencil on the wall, 1 cm above the door frame. Use the spirit level to make sure the line is straight. If your rail is already at the right dimensions, place it on your line and extend it to the dimensions of the rail. Otherwise, cut it out first using the hacksaw. Mark the location of the screws on the wall. If the door stops are fixed in the rail, mark their mark. Make the holes with the drill and insert the dowels, then fix the upper rail to the support without tightening the screws too much for the moment. Also fix the door stops in the rail.

Sliding patio door installation

For a model with lower rail, check that it is the same dimensions as the upper rail and fix it to the ground. Then prepare the sliding door by referring to your instruction manual. Depending on the door model, you may need to attach casters to the bottom and top of the door. Then insert the door panel (or the rollers) into the upper rail, then the bottom into the lower rail or along the guide accessories. Make sure your patio door is vertical and slides well. If necessary, you can reposition the top rail. If all is well, you can fix it more firmly to finalize your installation.