File: choose your wedding theme

File: choose your wedding theme

The wedding season will soon begin, and in its wake a mountain of questions will arise. The first and not the least: the theme of D-Day! Romantic atmosphere, vintage style, contemporary look or even oriental influence ... difficult to make a decision especially if you lack inspiration. To help you make the right decision, the editor gives you some tips on how to give a red thread to your marriage.

A marriage that respects the seasons

If for you the respect of the seasons is essential, choose a theme in line with the month of your wedding. Have you bet on a safe bet in the summer? You will have no trouble finding the right decoration. With the country atmosphere for example, you can multiply wild flowers and garden accessories. With the natural style, turn instead to hanging plants and decorative objects made out of wooden logs. If, on the contrary, you have chosen the cool of winter to get married, give your reception room a warm mountain chalet atmosphere with a few wooden accessories, fir trees and why not artificial snow!

A wedding theme that makes you travel

Another idea for your D-Day: choose a theme that makes you travel. As well in the 30s or 50s by betting on a vintage style and atmosphere, as in the East with Asian, Indian or Maghreb accessories. The main thing is to select your decorative items carefully to avoid the too much side!

Decline your wedding theme

Once you have found the theme that will accompany you on D-Day, think of all the accessories on which you will be able to decline it. And yes, it's not just the decor of the room that must respect the dress code! Start with announcements that can already give guests a little lead! Then, also have fun with the table plan, the menus, the place cards… No question either of forgetting the entertainment! For a vintage wedding, dare for example the old games in the four corners of the garden. For an oriental wedding, you can bet on a dance demonstration and for a natural wedding, prepare an original plant wall as a photobooth decor. There are many ideas, now it's your turn to play!
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