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Feature: the decor goes on vacation

Feature: the decor goes on vacation

Summer vacations are not only our personal joy. They are also the joy of decoration. Yes, because they inspire him with exotic ideas to travel even on the spot, advice to appropriate the decor wherever you go and tips to extend the holidays a posteriori. Summary.

"Travel" inspiration in all rooms

As summer approaches, the panther who sleeps in our decor as wise as an image wakes up. His goal: to scratch all the rooms of the house with an unnamed change of scenery; Because even without a plane ticket, it's easy to escape to Africa, Asia or Latin America throughout the season. Indeed, sometimes it only takes a few well-thought-out accessories, brought back from a trip or just imprinted with DNA "elsewhere", to get there. So yes, at this time of the year, we can say, it is the ethnic style (oriental, exotic, Indian, Chinese or African version) which wins all the votes…

Everything to make our summer vacation rhyme with "decor"

For those who go to rentals, often basic and impersonal, make way for simple ideas to appropriate the place. For those who like to immortalize their best memories of holidays, it is the ideas intended to stage the photographs freshly brought back, in frames or other supports which are in the spotlight. And for those who do not leave, it is time to reread paragraph n ° 1, but especially the associated articles! Our practical creative leisure videos