Defoliating caterpillars

Defoliating caterpillars


Being able to belong to different families such as budworms or looperers, defoliatory caterpillars are butterfly larvae with a soft spot for fragrant or aromatic plants, but also for fruit trees such as apple trees.

Prevent defoliatory caterpillars

Unfortunately, there are no real ways to prevent defoliating caterpillars. The only prevention is to be able to spot the larvae early enough to get rid of them before they cause damage.

Locate defoliatory caterpillars

If you have to have a keen eye to spot them, you can note the characteristic of these caterpillars which is to roll up on themselves when they are touched. Their color will not be of any use to recognize them since the species presents caterpillars of different colors.

Treat defoliatory caterpillars

The best treatment in the fight against defoliatory caterpillars is to intervene when young caterpillars appear to eradicate their growth and spread. It will then be possible to cut and burn the nests by taking the necessary precautionary measures. If a chemical treatment exists, it is reserved for a fairly large garden scale and during massive attacks by caterpillars. You can always rely on the help of small parasites such as spiders, wasps, flies or even on certain birds, all fond of the taste of these caterpillars.

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