Scab: enemy of apple and pear

Although it can also affect other fruit trees such as plum, apple scab is the number one disease of apple and pear. Caused by a fungus, the scab is capable of wiping out 100% of a fruit crop.

Prevent scab

To prevent scab, it will be mandatory to control the fall of the leaves in the fall, but especially to collect and burn them. If it will be difficult to remove too much humidity conducive to the appearance of the fungus, we can on the other hand spray a fungicide based on Bordeaux mixture to prevent risks.

Spot the scab

There are several ways to spot the presence of the disease. When it appears, the scab will leave brown spots on the fruit and leaves. Malformation or premature rotting of the fruit can also be a sign of the presence of scab on the fruit tree.

Treat scab

To limit scab in private gardens, the use of disease resistant cultivars seems to be the best solution. However, copper treatment may be advised at the time of budbreak, and may be followed by spraying a sulfur-based product before and after flowering.

Discover Doctor Plantes' recommendations for treating an apple tree with apple scab disease

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