Video: how to make a round bouquet?

Video: how to make a round bouquet?

It is the classic bouquet par excellence, and yet, you do not always know how to compose it yourself ... unless you follow the following tips! In a few lessons, it is certain, the round bouquet will have no more secrets for you!

Watch the video :

Level: easy Completion time : 5 - 10 minutes Indicative cost: 32 € Necessary material : Twenty light roses + twenty dark roses + rafia or twine

Steps :

- Defoliate the ivy - Remove the thorns from the roses by pulling with a cloth on the stem - Place in your hands, the roses one by one, making a small rotation so as to "twist the bouquet" - Add the ivy leaves making protrude - Cut the stems horizontally so as to regularize them - Knot the bouquet with rafia or string (2 twists tightening well enough) - Cut the surplus - Tamp the bouquet - Place the bouquet on the table, it must stand alone - Place it in a vase and admire the result Decorative tip: to ensure a long life for your bouquet, know that ivy is an excellent disinfectant! It therefore easily replaces aspirin or the 2 drops of bleach that we usually add to water. A 100% natural tip and funnily practical. Creation and flowers: Watercolor