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Mother-of-pearl for an aerial and exotic decoration

Mother-of-pearl for an aerial and exotic decoration

Very pure with its iridescent reflections, mother-of-pearl brings a particularly original note in decoration. Used in small touches, whether on accessories or on wall coverings, it gives lightness and ideally reflects light. Compose a dreamlike atmosphere in your interior thanks to this material like no other!

A 100% natural element

Mother-of-pearl is the inner lining of certain mollusk shells, composed of aragonite and conchyoline crystals. In a natural environment, it serves above all to protect the shell from external aggressions and has the ability to recover when it is damaged. Semi-precious material, mother-of-pearl has been sought after for a long time for decoration, marquetry, making of jewelry or buttons.

How to maintain mother-of-pearl?

Cleaning mother-of-pearl is extremely simple. Just moisten a fabric and add a drop of black soap or Marseille soap. Rinse and then dry. A few drops of sweet almond oil or olive oil on a flannel cloth will restore all the shine to the mother-of-pearl!

Mother of pearl decoration

The mother-of-pearl obviously goes very well with a seaside decoration. A few seashells placed on the edge of the bathtub, or a mirror with a pearly frame will bring a pretty marine touch to your decoration. Use pastel shades with blue accents for the rest of the decoration of your room and you're transported to the seaside! You can also play the ethnic decor card by accessorizing a room with pearly elements (crockery, light fixtures, etc.). On there are pretty mother-of-pearl dishes, perfect for an exotic touch! The website is full of advice and decor ideas to skillfully combine mother-of-pearl with the rest of your interior. Be careful however to use mother-of-pearl sparingly. Too much present in the same room, it can quickly overload it or give it an undesirable "kitsch" aspect!

The pearl imitation

For all those who wish to preserve the environment, there are many decorative objects in artificial pearl. It is mostly resin or PVC imitating mother-of-pearl. Stronger, these materials provide the same decorative effect while respecting nature! They are found on certain wall coverings, cutlery or even light fixtures (suspensions, lamp bases, etc.).