Top 3 trendy rugs for teens

Top 3 trendy rugs for teens

Winter time has come: it's time to get a nice carpet! Whether it is tufted wool, polypropylene or cotton, this fluffy accessory subtly warms the house while the exterior looks gray. The teenage bedroom is no exception, but in addition to warmly covering the floor, the carpet chosen is meant to be on top of the trend. Here is a selection for your teenagers. At the age when you assert your tastes and character, you become demanding in terms of style. For teens, classic, plain, long-pile rugs are nothing special. Even if it means dressing the floor, you might as well print your signature!

Pixelated carpets

High definition for the carpet. Since digital has no secrets for teenagers, why not choose it under a pixelated effect? Composed of an assembly of multicolored squares or circles, one forming a giant pattern, the carpet actually takes on a mosaic look that should appeal to those who can spend hours in front of the computer.

Graphic patterns

In the decoration, the geometric shapes, psychedelic undulations and freehand drawn curves boost the decor, affirm the character. These dynamic graphic lines are therefore welcome in the bedroom of teenagers looking for a well-asserted style!

Very urban rugs

The urban style is not losing ground on the side of teenagers, on the contrary. The silhouette of a skyline, signaling arrows, the name of megalopolises written black on white across and across, the American or English flags: here is what the city carpets are made of to set the tone in the room.