The keys to a modern style in the nursery

The keys to a modern style in the nursery

The modern style is not just for adults! We can also create a very modern decor in the baby's room to change traditional layettes. Discover our tips and tricks to bring modernity into this room.

Furniture with designer lines

For a modern style, we choose furniture with contemporary lines and design. We put aside the cradles in favor of sleek beds with sometimes original shapes. The bed takes on the appearance of cubes with a few curves on the corners to soften the room. Some beds even take the form of clouds for a room that is both poetic and modern. In terms of materials, dark wood gives way to white wood or light wood in shades of gray or beige.

New trendy colors

To bring a touch of modernity to the baby's room, we put on colors that change from blue and pastel pink. The trendy colors of the living room and bedroom are thus installed in the nursery with gray, taupe, natural colors and even black. There are pop rooms with orange on the walls, graphic rooms with wallpaper with large dots and very natural rooms where green is the main color. Discover our selection of modern baby rooms: